Dr Renosi Mokate

Dr Renosi Mokate serves as the coordinating chairperson of the PEAC. Presently, she occupies the position of Executive Chairman at Concentric Alliance and Chairman at Government Employees Pension Fund (South Africa). Dr. Mokate is also on the board of 5 other companies.

Former Executive and Dean, University of South Africa Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL), and former Deputy Governor of the South African Reserve Bank. Before joining the SBL Dr Mokate was an independent consultant for the Ministry of Finance and National Treasury as well as a member of the Investigation Steering Committee of the Municipal Demarcation Board.

She is a former Executive Director of the World Bank Group, where she represented Angola, Nigeria and South Africa and also served as the Chairperson of the Audit Committee as well as member of various other committees.

She holds a PhD and MA from the University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware and a BA from Lincoln University, Pennsylvania. Her areas of specialisation are Development Economics, Urban Economics and Policy Analysis.